Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calligrapher's Elbow

I've been practicing calligraphy for a good portion of the afternoon. I'm planning to do my own wedding invitations, which promises to be an exercise in masochism. I made Nelso help and it turns out he's better at calligraphy than I am, which really really pisses me off for some reason. But, I think I'll probably get over it when he gets to do the lion's share of addressing next week when the invitations are finally in.

Which reminds me, I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY WEDDING INVITATIONS! And I love them. They only put together one sample for me last week, but the rest of them should be ready by next week sometime. If we get them all addressed and sent off as soon as possible there's a very good chance we'll only be about a week behind schedule with all this wedding planning nonsense. And a week is much better than I thought we'd be doing after the invitation thing drug out so long.

That's pretty much all we've been doing around here lately. Hope everyone is well!

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