Wednesday, June 2, 2010 Crazy!!

So, the past two or three days I've been doing a lot of wedding shopping at Etsy. The site can be a little difficult to navigate because there's SOOOOOO much stuff on it, but I LOVE IT!!

I've been going crazy trying to find a guestbook, cake topper, fascinator, and a billion other little things. I want things that really reflect my taste as well as match my whole wedding theme or whatever. is a global community where people can buy and sell handmade items online. Artist (or artisans, as I suppose some of them are) get their own "shop" on Etsy where they can peddle their wares.

The really cool thing is that not only are the things that I've bought from handmade, the artists have all agreed to customize them to fit my exact needs. Which is freaking awesome. So I'm getting exactly what I want instead of settling for something that sort of kind of looks a little like what I had in mind. Go there. Buy stuff.

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